Quality Policy and Core Values

Our Commitment to Quality

We, the team members of Bella Viva Orchards, Inc., make it our personal commitment to understand, meet and, when possible, exceed our customer requirements through teamwork and the continuous improvement of our processes. We are dedicated to delivering defect-free product on-time at the most competitive cost possible.

Core Values, Community Mindedness, and Social Responsibility

Sustainable agriculture and food production depend upon vibrant and healthy people. We treat our neighbors, our team members, and our community as an extension of our Bella Viva family.

Translated from Italian, Bella Viva means “Beautiful Life”. Our company name embodies our wish for all we serve: our customers, consumers, team members, and the community at large. We strive to have a positive economic impact on the local community.

Bella Viva Orchards donates to nearly 100 charitable organizations annually, many of which are within our local community – but we don’t stop there. We believe that our ability to have an impact through our nutrient dense products goes beyond our walls and our borders toward a deeper understanding of our shared humanity. That is why we also partner with organizations responding to humanitarian needs and crises such as famine and natural disasters in approximately 40 nations. Over the last 10 years, we have had the opportunity to donate over 4 million servings of dried fruit all over the world, with the intention of bettering lives of those within our human family through healthy nourishment.